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Clinch River Vodka


Made in TN!


Clinch River








Distilled from the foothills of East Tennessee with the finest homegrown ingredients, Clinch River Vodka is the premium spirit that will make cocktail hour feel like a weekend getaway. Since our first batch years ago, we pride ourselves in distilling the smoothest vodka you’ve ever tasted.

Distilled by women, we’re leading the way to create a world-class spirit you’ll enjoy every time.

A woman wearing gloves and a hairnet sealing a bottle of vodka

You can’t make a superior vodka without taking some time and going the extra mile, and you can’t make an East Tennessee spirit without local ingredients and a hometown process.
That’s why we use corn from our neighboring Loudon County and crystal clear locally sourced well water. It all comes together in distillery in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Made by Nathan’s wife and her triplet sister, our vodka is distilled eight times to ensure what you taste in your glass is truly the smoothest tasting vodka you’ll ever have.
You can trust what you’ll find in every bottle of Clinch River Vodka is naturally gluten free and made with the caring, devoted hands of true East Tennesseans.