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Beverage Control Inc.

2331 News Sentinel Drive
Knoxville, TN 37921

PO Box 52888
Knoxville, TN 37950

Phone: (865) 577-5541
Fax: (865) 577-6760

Hours of Operation








Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day


Name Title Phone
Laura Biddle Executive Assistant 865-577-5541
Lisa Bunch Controller 865-577-5541
Ann Love Accounts Receivable 865-577-5541
Hilda Rowe Brand Registration 865-577-5541
Danica Talbot Office Manager 865-577-5541
Pam Underwood Accounts Receivable/Billing 865-577-5541
Sara Wiberley Graphic Design 865-577-5541


Name Title Phone
Kevin Butler Vice President of Operations 865-577-5541
Matt Chiaro Purchasing Specialist 865-577-5541
Kyle Witzeman Logistics Specialist/Purchasing Assistant 865-577-5541
Jeremy Thompson Warehouse Manager 865-577-5541

spirits sales team

Name Title Phone
Chris Taylor Director of Spirits 865-742-5517
Stuart Schaad Retail Spirits Division Manager 865-742-5510
Max Vogel Retail Spirits Sales Representative 865-742-5511
Ford Litton Retail Spirits Sales Representative 865-742-5512
Tommy South Retail Spirits Sales Representative 865-742-5513
Eric Anderson Retail Spirits Sales Representative 865-742-5516
Mark Cunningham Retail Spirits Sales Representative 865-742-5518

wine sales team

Name Title Phone
Lee Payette Director of Wine 865-742-5520
Bobby Cross Retail Wine Field Manager 865-742-5522
Morgan Thaldorf Retail Wine Sales Representative 865-742-5523
Lori Settlemir Retail Wine Sales Representative 865-742-5527
Casey Morrow Retail Wine Sales Representative 865-742-5528

on-premise sales team

Name Title Phone
Chris Arline On-Premise Division Manager 865-742-5530
Tayler Schilling On-Premise Field Manager 865-742-5537
Susan Finnerty On-Premise Sales Representative 865-577-5541
Alex Whitman On-Premise Sales Representative 865-742-5531
Bailey Kehoe On-Premise Sales Representative 865-742-5532
Jason Hughes On-Premise Sales Representative 865-742-5533
Briana Armstrong On-Premise Sales Representative 865-742-5534

grocery sales team

Name Title Phone
Lee Payette Director of Wine 865-742-5520
Kersty Barnes Retail Chain Division Manager 865-742-5580
Alyssa Jones Retail Chain Administration 865-577-5541
Lindsay Calloway Retail Chain Field Manager 865-742-5560
Mason Quinn Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5562
Madeline Lester Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5561
Jess Johnson Retail Chain Field Manager 865-742-5581
Ella Mader Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5582
Megan Anderson Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5583
Spencer Rogers Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5586
Jennifer Alpers Retail Chain Sales Representative 865-742-5587